How to choose the ideal implant size for your breast augmentation

May 10, 2022

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a commonly performed plastic surgery procedure, which involves breast implants being used to improve the size and shape of your breasts.

When you decide to have a breast augmentation, you want to ensure you choose breast implants that are suitable for your body and will give you the appearance you desire.

The right implant

When it comes to choosing breast implants, size, shape, implant placement and types of implants all impact the overall appearance of your breast augmentation. Not only do implants differ in size, the gels also differ in the firmness and softness properties. Softer implants have a more natural feel, while firmer implants may be better for someone wanting to correct saginess and have more lifted breasts. Saline filled implants are also an option.

Implant placement, such as whether the implant is placed in front or behind the pectoral muscle will also impact appearance.

Every woman has different reasons for getting a breast augmentation and may desire different results, which can impact the size and shape of the implant you choose. It’s important to consider your goals, as well as factors such as your body shape and your lifestyle when deciding on the right breast implants for you.

Body shape and frame

All body shapes are different and it’s important to choose breast implants that are right for your frame and will create the desired size and shape of your bust.

Most women seek a natural look when getting a breast augmentation, which means choosing implants that compliment your body shape. Dr Richard Hamilton will measure your breasts and chest frame, and assess the characteristics of your breast tissue to evaluate what is right for you.

Consider lifestyle factors

Your lifestyle may affect what size of implants is most suitable for you. Consider how active you are, as if you’re an active person you don’t want the size of your breast implants to cause discomfort when exercising.

Breast augmentation will impact how clothes fit and may have an impact on your style and how you dress. Breast implants will also require you to purchase new bras and clothing to fit your changed bust size.

You may also want to consider if you plan to have children or breastfeed in the future and discuss with Dr Hamilton how breast implants may impact this.

Choosing breast implant size will often come down to personal preference for how you want your bust to look. Dr Hamilton will guide you through the various options and provide his expert opinion on what will be best for your body type and desired outcome to ensure you can make an informed decision and you will be happy with your final appearance.

Plastic surgery Adelaide

Once you’ve decided to have a breast augmentation, during your initial consultation with Dr Hamilton, he will discuss your desired outcome and perform a full examination to assess your body to determine what size will best fit the contour of your body.

Following the clinical evaluation, Dr Hamilton can make recommendations on what implant size, shape and projection will help you achieve your desired look.

An experienced plastic surgeon, Dr Hamilton uses Vectra 3D computer imaging to show you the potential outcome of your breast augmentation. This remarkable tool can help you view what the effect of a particular breast implant may look like on your body. It will be individualised to each patient, so you can see what the outcome may be. Sometimes Dr Hamilton can also give the patient a greater tactile feel by placing a dummy implant in a bra, which can be very helpful too.

As well as discussing your goals for breast enlargement, Dr Hamilton will talk you through the process involved with the breast augmentation procedure, as well as recovery, aftercare as well as potential risks and complications.

If you’re considering plastic surgery in Adelaide, Dr Hamilton is one of Adelaide’s most  accomplished plastic surgeons with unparalled experience who regularly performs breast augmentation and breast lifts in Adelaide and he will do his very best to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your plastic surgery.