Mole Removal and Facial Scar Revision Adelaide

Cosmetic Mole Removal and Facial Scar Revision at our Adelaide South Australia Clinic

As a highly respected cosmetic and plastic surgeon, who also specialises in Skin Cancer Surgery, Dr. Richard Hamilton is an expert in the benign mole removal, especially on the face, and in the revision and correction of facial scars and suturing of facial lacerations.
There are many reasons why a patient might need or desire the cosmetic removal of unsightly moles, or correction of a facial scar, whether purely cosmetic or health related. Dr. Hamilton will take the time to thoroughly discuss your treatment options and the procedure best suited to your desired outcomes.

Cosmetic Mole Removal and Facial Scar Revision Procedures

There are a variety of techniques used by Dr. Hamilton to remove moles and repair scars and lacerations at our Adelaide South Australia Clinic. Moles are best removed by surgery and the tissue should always be sent of to the laboratory. As one of the country’s best cosmetic and plastic surgeons Dr. Hamilton employs his expertise to dramatically improve and reduce the appearance of facial scars after mole removal by using careful technique and very fine sutures. As each case is unique, there is no single procedure used, with each case based on careful and thorough assessment.

Recovery from Cosmetic Mole Removal and Facial Scar Revision Procedures

Recovery from most cosmetic mole removal at our Adelaide, South Australia is minimal, and patients are usually able to resume all normal activities immediately, and return home on the same day, with the procedure being very short and quick. Scar revision may require a day surgery. Each case will need to be individually assessed.
To discuss your facial mole and scar revision treatments today, please contact Hamilton House to organise a consultation with Dr. Hamilton.