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Risk of Overseas and Cheap Interstate Surgery

It’s important to realise that Plastic surgery is surgery. The decision to undergo any form of surgery should never be taken lightly, and first and foremost in your mind should be the qualifications of the person you’re entrusting your body to. Sadly, all too frequently we see patients who have suffered at the hands of unqualified people practicing in unregulated environments.

What may seem like a ‘cheap’ option has ended up costing patients far more, with revision surgery needed, or even more tragically, with some losing their lives, in what should be a routine procedure when undertaken by a qualified surgeon in a sterile and sanitary environment.

Over recent years a number of General Practitioner staffed Cosmetic Surgery Clinics have arisen throughout the Adelaide area and in the Eastern states for the provision of cosmetic services. Although these clinics may provide a worthwhile community service in non-surgical services (cosmetic injections for example), patients should understand that these clinics are not staffed by specialist plastic surgeons with the FRACS qualification. If you are attending these clinics and are considering any kind of surgery, please consider asking for a referral to a properly trained FRACS qualified plastic surgeon, so the best surgical and anesthetic techniques can be employed in a safe and regulated environment, to ensure the best aesthetic and the safest result for you. There is only one valid qualification for performing advanced cosmetic plastic surgery and that is the FRACS, Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.