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  • Jette Hamilton
  • Helen Pettigrew
  • Anne Buckley
  • Garland Ross
  • Kathy Kerrisk
  • Lavinia Crowe
  • Leah Rumble
  • Sharon Maclean

Jette Hamilton

Born and bred in Denmark, Jette came to Adelaide with a degree in teaching and then completed a Bachelor Of Special Education at Flinders University.

While still working as a teacher she assumed the role of Practice Manager for both Dr. Richard Hamilton at Hamilton House Plastic Surgery, and for the Hamilton House Day Surgery facility.

She is responsible for all staff at Hamilton House, manages all accounts and is very much involved in driving our Quality Assurance program. The tasteful decor at Hamilton House is much due to her influence. Jette is a very caring person with a great deal of charm, who brings warmth and kindness to both staff and patients at Hamilton House.

Helen Pettigrew

Plastic Surgery Nurse Consultant and Operating Nurse

Helen has worked alongside Dr. Richard Hamilton for over 20 years as Chief Nurse and brings extensive plastic surgery experience to the practice.

After completing her training at the Royal Adelaide Hospital she travelled to London and completed her Registered Nurse staffing at the University College Hospital, spending considerable time on the internationally recognised Private Plastic Surgery Ward.  On returning to Adelaide she pursued a career as a Theatre Nurse and also worked in the High Dependency Surgical Unit at St Andrews Hospital.

Helen has been a regular attendee of both national and international conferences with Dr. Hamilton, enabling her to keep abreast of new developments in plastic surgery. This has greatly enhanced her experience and understanding  and enables her to offer expert phone advice and complimentary breast consultations to patients seeking cosmetic breast enlargement surgery.

She is heavily involved in the NSQHS and ACHS Accreditation Process which maintains the exceptional standards for which Hamilton House is renown.

Helen is available to share her wealth of knowledge about cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery with patients in person or over the phone.

Away from work Helen enjoys the outdoors, from gardening to snow skiing and taking holidays overseas at exotic locations.

Anne Buckley

Anne is an experienced enrolled general nurse who has worked with Dr. Hamilton since 2004.  Her roles include, but are not limited to, Admissions Nurse, Scrub Nurse assisting Dr. Hamilton in theatre, Anaesthetic Nurse and Recovering Nurse.

Anne’s warm, caring and thorough professional manner puts patients immediately put at ease. She ensures patients are comprehensively informed from admission through to discharge, making sure they have a clear understanding of their post op instructions, that pain management has been addressed and their follow up appointments have been made. She also liaises with carers to ensure that those caring for loved ones are fully informed.

When not nursing at Hamilton House, multi-talented Anne is the accountant for the family electrician’s business, or running around after her sons – both stars in the Adelaide Hills football league.

Garland Ross

Garland is a Senior Registered Nurse at Hamilton House with many years of extensive experience in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery nursing.

She has been working with Dr. Hamilton for over 10 years, expertly assisting him with both minor and major surgical procedures.

Garland is a key contributor to both pre and post operative management as well as wound care, and is committed to treating each patient with the highest level of professional care.

Away from work Garland likes to spend time with her grandchildren and visiting tranquil Kangaroo Island to enjoy her summer house.

Kathy Kerrisk

Kathy is a Senior Registered Nurse working part time at Hamilton House with extensive experience in general surgery, as well as in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery nursing. She began her career in country S.A. and has a mixture of country and Adelaide city nursing experience.

Kathy has been working with Dr. Hamilton for over 10 years, ably assisting him with both minor and major surgical procedures.

Kathy works in both pre and postoperative management and wound care, and is committed to treating each patient with the highest level of professional care.

A warm, caring and reassuring ‘girl from the country’, Kathy’s calm manner puts all at ease. Away from nursing at Hamilton House Kathy lives on the Fleurieu Coast and helps manage a local B&B.

Lavinia Crowe

Lavinia is a Registered Nurse who joined the practice in 2010, after completing her degree of Bachelor of Nursing  in Christchurch, New Zealand. Her experience with plastic surgeons in operating theatres at St. Georges Hospital, Christchurch helped her develop the expert skills to support and assist Dr Hamilton with a range of plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures.

At Hamilton House Plastic Surgery Lavinia is also qualified to provide non-surgical anti wrinkle treatments and fillers to patients under Dr. Hamilton’s supervision.  Her compassion, quiet efficiency and warmth are qualities patients of all ages find calming and comforting.  Listen out for her Kiwi accent, her colleagues and the patients at Hamilton House find it very charming.

Leah Rumble

Leah has over 6 years reception and administration experience within the health industry, both in general practice and specialist rooms.

Leah has been at at Hamilton House for over 2 years, where she greets all patients and carers with her bright, friendly, helpful and caring attitude.  Leah’s professional manner and organisation skills ensure that our patients feel well and truly looked after.

Leah is passionate about her job and is a vital part of our team. She thoroughly enjoys working alongside Dr. Hamilton and the girls at Hamilton House.

Sharon Maclean

With a Diploma in Business Studies, Sharon has worked in the Health Industry for over 25 years.

Sharon first worked for Benson Radiology in South Australia for 14 years, and has since been a loyal team member at Hamilton House  Plastic Surgery with roles in typing, reception and administration for over 13 years.

Sharon has a caring and professional attitude towards staff, patients and their families and enjoys her time working at Hamilton House. When not at Hamilton House Sharon has 3 teenage children to care for and also manages the accounts for her family’s brick paving business.