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3D Technology

Vectra 3D Technology at Hamilton House Plastic Surgery, Adelaide


Vectra 3D Technology has revolutionised plastic surgery of the breast, enabling surgeons and patients to work together to visually plan their desired outcome. Dr. Richard Hamilton uses Vectra 3D computer imaging in most of his breast beautification procedures at Hamilton House Plastic Surgery. These include Breast Augmentation / Breast Enlargement, Breast Lift (Mastopexy) and Breast Augmentation combined with Breast Lift procedures.

Vectra 3D works by capturing a photographic image of your breasts and torso, which is rendered by computer into a three-dimensional view. The computer enables Dr. Hamilton to manipulate your image on screen to determine which implant shape and type will be best suited to your body shape to achieve the outstanding result you desire.

At Hamilton House Plastic Surgery with Vectra 3D imaging you will see an uncannily, lifelike, three-dimensional simulation of how your breasts look now, and how they will look like after breast augmentation – with the image being able to be rotated and viewed from every conceivable angle. Moreover you can compare the ‘before & after’ pictures on screen at the same time. This is a real confidence booster as it helps you understand the exciting expected outcome in a way that no other method can offer.

Dr. Hamilton also use the Vectra Computer imaging system to demonstrate the changes which might be applied to reshape your nose in a Rhinoplasty procedure.


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