Hand Surgery

Hand rejuvenation with Fat Grafts

Wrinkles, spots, thinning of the skin and a bony appearance are all visible signs of ageing that occur on the hands. Micro Fat grafting using your own body fat is just one of the very new methods used to reduce these characteristics and rejuvenate your wrinkled hands.

Surgical Fat Grafting to the Hand

Under local or an intravenous sedation anaesthetic , fat cells are carefully removed from the stomach, washed and processed to remove any impurities, and to concentrate the stem cells contained within the fat. The tissue is then re-injected into the back of the hand using very delicate instruments. The fat takes like any tissue graft and restores fullness, reduce wrinkles and rejuvenates the quality of the skin. There is an immediate effect seen from fat grafting and the stem cell effect kicks in during the months following surgery. This procedure can be carried out by Dr. Hamilton at Hamilton House Day Surgery.


Recovery time following hand surgery depends on which procedure you undergo. As a general rule it is most important for patients to start moving their hand and fingers immediately after conclusion of the operation to regain normal activities. Dr. Hamilton and his staff will give you specific instructions according to your diagnosis and procedure immediately following surgery at Hamilton House.