Chin Correction

Chin Correction procedures offered at our Adelaide, South Australia Clinic

Dr. Hamilton has over 20 years experience in chin correction surgeries. Dr. Hamilton has successfully improved the health, happiness and appearance of many satisfied patients. Patients who require chin correction surgery can achieve life-changing results through surgery performed at our Adelaide practice in South Australia

The results of chin correction surgery can dramatically increase your self esteem, health and confidence by enlarging the chin to create a more proportionate, stronger shape with chin implants to improve the balance and proportions of your face.

Computer Imaging using the Vectra 3D program

Dr. Richard Hamilton uses careful clinical assessment as well as a technology employed by NASA, the Vectra 3D (link to Vectra page) program to create a highly accurate computerised digital map of your features in order to ascertain the best possible outcomes for your chin surgery. This is used during your initial consultation to show you what possible changes can be achieved, and give you an idea of how they will look by capturing an image of your own face. Dr. Hamilton can make alterations to your image on screen to illustrate to you the direction the surgery may take. Whilst this does not exactly replicate your procedure, it provides an excellent guide to help you to communicate the changes you desire and for Dr Hamilton to indicate the changes he thinks are achievable.

Chin Correction Procedures

Some patients, both men and women, are born with a small chin that fails to develop properly. This can create a weak appearance and create an imbalance, making the nose look relatively large.

Dr. Hamilton uses Computer 3D Vectra Imaging can help show you the effect of a chin enhancement procedure. A chin implant procedure (sometimes called a mentoplasty or genioplasty) can restore the chin and the aesthetic balance of the face, especially the profile view. For less dramatic results fat grafting or even fillers may be employed.

The Chin Implant Procedure

Dr. Richard Hamilton performs chin correction procedures at his Adelaide South Australia practice under either IV sedation or local anaesthesia. A concealed incision is placed inside the lower lip and a shaped silicone implant of the predetermined size is inserted, then attached and secured with screws. The wound is closed in several layers.

Recovery after Chin Correction

There is very little pain associated with the procedure, and our chin correction patients generally require only mild analgesics to alleviate discomfort. Chin correction patients usually are on a liquid diet for 48 hours, after which recovery is very rapid. Patients usually take 1-2 weeks off work, during which time a special shaping garment is worn to ensure the desired out come. Chin correction performed by our plastic surgeon Dr. Hamilton can provide significant results to improve the shape and contours of the face and chin to dramatically boost your self-confidence. If you’re interested in discussing how chin correction can help improve your health and happiness, please contact Dr. Hamilton today at our Adelaide, South Australia Clinic today.