Hand Surgery

Hand injuries and soft tissue lacerations

Hand lacerations are amongst the most common injuries in the body and affect all ages. Dr. Hamilton provides an emergency service for patients with hand injuries and lacerations, which may occur at home or at work, at ‘The Hand Injury Clinic’. The injuries may involve skin loss, nerve or tendon injury.

Dr. Hamilton is a very experienced specialist hand and plastic surgeon, eminently capable of successfully handling these injuries and restoring your hand to good function. There are many causes of hand injury including lacerations: from knives, broken glass, various saws and garden implements such as lawnmowers, crush injury, burns, fractures and many other traumatic events. Often hand injuries with open wounds will require urgent surgical intervention. In most instances treatment is able to be provided by Dr. Hamilton at Hamilton House Plastic Surgery. Usually in these situations your general practitioner will contact our office to determine whether emergency attention might be possible. There are some hand injuries (fractures and nerve injuries) where delayed surgical treatment may be feasible. Dr. Hamilton has extensive experience and expertise in the treatment of traumatic hand injuries over more than 20 years through his prior appointments as senior plastic surgeon at the Flinders Medical centre in Adelaide.

The following injuries are frequently seen and treated by Dr. Hamilton at Hamilton House:

  • Fingertip Injuries with tissue loss needing skin grafts
  • Extensor Tendon Injuries
  • Flexor Tendon Injuries
  • Digital Nerve Injuries
  • Various lacerations of the Hand and Arm
  • Foreign Bodies

Following surgery for the treatment of hand injuries there may need to be a period of hand rehabilitation to achieve the best functional result, supervised by a specialist hand therapist working with Dr. Hamilton, with the aim to return patients to normal activities and to work as soon as practical, noting that self mobilisation is usually the best form rehabilitation.

If you have sustained an open injury to your hand please contact Dr. Hamilton’s staff at his Adelaide office for assessment and treatment of the injury.