Why Us

Our Philosophy

At Hamilton House Plastic Surgery we strive to empower our patients by providing detailed information on their procedures to ensure they’re able to make well-informed and accurate decisions about their surgery and its outcome.

Our standards are simply nothing short of excellence in everything we do; from the level of experience and up to date expertise provided by our Adelaide plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Hamilton, through to our specialist anaesthetists and highly accredited nursing staff, all of whom provide expert, individualised, compassionate one-on-one care in an intimate and discreet environment. Under Dr. Hamilton’s expert guidance you will receive clear and comprehensive advice, ensuring you’re able to trust in both his skills as surgeon and his compassion as a highly qualified and respected medical practitioner.

We use state of the art equipment, undertake only the most up to date and proven to be successful procedures, and ensure that your recovery is as smooth and seamless as possible. We have an open disclosure policy, we are informative and understanding, and believe in working with our patients in order to achieve the best possible outcomes and, critically, we believe in natural looking results.