Patient Info

Your Journey

  • Initial Consultation with Dr. Hamilton
    In your first consultation, Dr. Hamilton will listen carefully and sympathetically to your concerns, and work with you to discuss your desired outcomes. Based on this discussion, Dr. Hamilton will recommend the best treatment options for you. Images will be taken for your next consultation and a treatment plan will be created for you to consider.
  • Second Consultation with Dr. Hamilton
    This is an opportunity for you to ask Dr. Hamilton further questions and to further refine your treatment plan. Your images will be reviewed using computerised Vectra 3D technology imagery.
  • Your Surgery
    Performed in our state of the art facility at Hamilton House Day Surgery, our meticulous mode of surgery and associated procedures is arguably safer than hospital based surgery, with a much lower incidence of complications, and a faster and more comfortable recovery.
  • Early After Care
    Hamilton House provides extensive post-operative care, support and reassurance during your recovery. You will be seen the day following surgery personally by Dr. Hamilton and his nursing team, and then frequently over the first 10 days.
  • Later After Care
    Scar management regimes are implemented early. Dr. Hamilton will personally review you at 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months to ensure a trouble free treatment course and a seamless result.
  • Rapid Recovery
    Individual procedures have different recovery times, and these will be clearly outlined within your treatment plan. Remarkably, 90% of our patients return to normal activities within just a few days.