With over 20 years experience as a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Richard Hamilton’s expertise in facelifts, cosmetic and correctional face and neck surgery, coupled with his uniquely detailed and caring approach, has seen him successfully enhance the lives of those seeking to improve or enhance their facial features.

Using his meticulous skills in procedures offered at his Adelaide Clinic in South Australia, Dr. Hamilton has mastered the art of subtle, natural looking cosmetic and plastic surgery, designed to improve both the appearance and the confidence of his patients. Under Dr. Hamilton’s expert guidance you will receive clear and comprehensive advice, ensuring you’re able to trust in both his skills as surgeon and his compassion as a highly qualified and respected medical practitioner.

Dr. Hamilton will conduct an extensive consultation with you before surgery and he will listen very carefully to understand your concerns and your goals for Face Lift rejuvenation. After he will make a thorough examination of your face, neck, hair and your skin, and review your current photographs. It is helpful if you bring along several portrait photographs from your 20’s and 30’s so he can assess the nature of the aging process as every one is different.  He will decide what procedure is best for you and thoroughly discuss it with you in a  clear and simple  manner so you will understand. A second consultation is always advisable after a period of reflection.

Please note as with any surgery there are risks and complications to consider, all of which will be clearly communicated to you during your one on one consultation with Dr. Richard Hamilton FRACS. Plastic Surgeon in Adelaide. The information about procedures here is given as a general guide, and is not a substitute for an in depth, personal consultation with Dr. Hamilton. You can rely on Dr Hamilton. He is always worth talking to and he will give you his best advice.