Gymnaecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

Male Breast Reduction Procedures Offered at Our Adelaide, South Australia Practice

Many men and teenage boys feel self-conscious about extra fat and breast tissue localized in the chest area. It can affect men in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s too. Fortunately, gynaecomastia, more commonly known as ‘man boobs’, can be treated with a male breast reduction, at Hamilton House serving patients from Adelaide, South Australia and the surrounding areas. There are a number of factors that may contribute to gynaecomastia including:

  • Heredity
  • Obesity
  • Ageing
  • Medications containing estrogen
  • Anabolic steroid use

Dr. Richard Hamilton thoroughly examines each patient’s medical history in order to determine the likely cause of the condition and assesses the information to discuss the best treatment options with the patient to determine the most appropriate course of action for the best possible result.

The Gynaecomastia Procedure

Depending on the patient’s tissue conditions and needs, three variations on the male breast reduction procedure may be performed during surgery at our Adelaide centre.

If glandular tissue needs to be removed, the procedure will be conducted using a scalpel or combined scalpel-liposuction approach. For this procedure, the incision can usually be placed discreetly under the areola (the dark area surrounding the nipple). Once the incision has been made excess tissue, fat, and skin is removed, and the remaining breast tissue is tightened and lifted. The scar is extremely minimal.

If only fatty tissue needs to be removed, the procedure can be performed by means of liposuction alone, which entails a smaller incision. Sometimes a combination of the 2 methods is employed.

With very large male breasts skin may also need to be removed to achieve the right shape and firmness. This can add to scarring, which fades with time. Depending on the type of male breast reduction surgery performed, the procedure typically lasts about an hour and a half, sometimes less.

Gynaecomastia Recovery

Temporary swelling, bruising, some numbness, and a burning sensation are common after male breast reduction. Patients at our Adelaide Plastic Surgery practice are generally able to resume light activities within a day and more strenuous routines after 1 week. Although weight gain and the use of certain medications may cause gynaecomastia to recur, the results of male breast reduction are typically a permanent loss of so-called ‘man boobs’.