Breast Enlargement using Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting Procedures Offered at Our Adelaide, South Australia Practice

Fat Grafting, or Fat Transfer, is a relatively new technique using the body’s own fat cells, which are transferred by injection techniques into the breast mound. The tiny parcels of fat cells take like a tissue graft, and then grow to give the appearance of fuller, firmer breasts. Fat Grafting is a new technique and an occasional alternative to Breast Implant Surgery, especially if you desire only a modest breast enlargement, provided you have good reserves of fatty tissues elsewhere in the body. Fat grafting is a less invasive alternative to breast implant surgery, with fewer surgical complications as it uses the body’s own cells to increase and firm your breasts. It also has the advantage of removing fat from where it is not wanted.

Fat grafting is suitable for women who wish only a moderate increase in breast size, and sometimes multiple procedures may be needed to achieve the desired result. For a larger, more significant and certain outcome, breast implants are recommended. Often, fat grafting is used in conjunction with breast implants where there is a local shortage of native breast tissue, or a constriction especially in the lower pole of the breast. The combination of breast implants and fat grafting in these cases can be quite beneficial. Dr. Richard Hamilton will take the time to discuss whether fat grafting or implants are suitable for your desired outcome.

Fat Grafting Procedure

Dr. Richard Hamilton will first carefully discuss the fat grafting treatment options available at our Adelaide Practice in South Australia. Fat tissue including stem cells from your stomach or inner thighs are extracted by a gentle vacuum technique using specialised instruments, then processed by washing and concentration to remove impurities, and then transferred to your breasts by injection. A small breast implant may then be inserted. Patients will see the effects after the swelling has settled. Pain relief is the same as for breast implants, with less discomfort if fat alone is used.

Fat Grafting Recovery

When fat grating is used alone the recovery is just a few days. If combined with breast implants it is 1 to 2 weeks. Where fat grafting alone is used to enlarge the breast, a second top up procedure may be required after 6 months, as even with the most careful techniques not all of the fat survives, and there is a limit to the volume of fat that the breast can accept. However there is a likely a stem cell effect with fat grafting surgery, and some additional improvement can be seen after several months. The best results are seen with a combination of fat grafting and a small breast implant.

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Many women have lifelong body image issues and radically boosted their self-confidence with breast implants and fat grafting. The various Breast enlargement techniques offered at our Adelaide, South Australia clinic can reshape your bustline and greatly improve your confidence. We offer a range of other cosmetic procedures including rhinoplasty, short scar face-lift, non-surgical facial rejuvenation, lip enhancement and more. To learn more about breast enlargement and other cosmetic procedures, please contact Dr. Richard Hamilton today.