Breast augmentation & breast lift: How we can help

April 27, 2021

For those considering plastic surgery in Adelaide, Dr Richard Hamilton is one of Adelaide’s most experienced plastic surgeons and he specialises in breast enlargement and other breast aesthetic surgery.

Breast augmentation procedures are frequently performed at Hamilton House Plastic Surgery and he and the staff can help make the process as comfortable as possible while helping you achieve great results.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a procedure designed to add volume and shape to your bust line where it is lacking so as to create a more youthful, contoured appearance.

Generally women desire breast augmentation for numerous reasons including; a flat chest with under developed breasts, small breasts disproportionate to their body frame, a desire for a fuller, firmer bust line, improvement of shape, and importantly to be able to fill a bra and feel more womanly in lovely clothing.

The procedure involves a short incision being made under the breast in the natural fold and then the creation of a surgical pocket to exactly match the chosen breast implant which is carefully inserted under the breast tissue in front of the muscle, or less commonly behind the pectoral muscle. Each woman’s body is different so we have to individualize what is best for you. Dr Hamilton will carefully listen to your desires and then evaluate your breast tissue and chest frame situation. He will then discuss the best options for the exact placement of implants with you prior to surgery.

Dr Hamilton is very conscious of the fact that the decision you make to have a breast augmentation is a serious one, so he and his staff assisting him in theatre are absolutely meticulous in implementing the currently recommended 14 point plan to eliminate any possibility of bacterial contamination in association with breast implant surgery. This strategy is aimed at minimizing any long term problems and ensuring you achieve long lasting and beneficial results.

Dr Hamilton is very thorough in evaluating your situation and he works tirelessly with you to obtain the best aesthetic and long term result. The initial consultation with Dr Hamilton is very comprehensive and can take up to one and a half hours covering all the issues including risks and complications. It will include a 3D simulation using the Vectra computer imaging system so you can see how you will look after a breast augmentation.

At Hamilton House, we use the highest quality and most modern silicone gel Motiva or saline Mentor implants. Silicone gel is a lovely soft cohesive medical grade material with natural breast feel characteristics confined within a shaped silicone shell envelope. Saline is a physiological salt-water solution contained within an outer silicone envelope, a substance which is easily absorbed by the body in the rare case of implant leakage. Whilst most women choose silicone gel implants for their soft natural feel, Dr Hamilton will nevertheless guide you through the different options.

Breast implants also come in a range of sizes and profiles. Once again Dr Hamilton will help you choose the right implant to achieve your desired results and which best match your body shape and your existing breast tissues.

Breast lift and Breast reduction

Women with overly large, heavy breasts can experience neck and back pain, and general discomfort. This is a common reason for undergoing a breast lift and reduction. Or the breasts may appear droopy as well as having suffered structural damage after breast feeding. This can be very disheartening to a woman. But help is available by a breast lift or reduction.

A breast lift is a procedure in which breasts are lifted into a better position on the chest wall, made better in shape and more proportionate to your body.  Sometimes a reduction in volume is required but equally often sometimes volume needs to be added especially for restoration of upper pole fullness. This may occasionally require a breast implant in addition to a breast lift.

Dr Hamilton who is a recognised expert in breast surgery in Adelaide, will make and incision around the nipple areola complex and below the natural curve of the breast.  Next excess skin and tissue are removed. The breast gland is then reshaped and the remaining skin envelope is tightened around the newly contoured breast.

Dr Hamilton uses his special personal variation of the ‘vertical method’ to ensure shorter and less visible scars – sometimes called the lollipop pattern. If the procedure is more extensive an “anchor” type stitch line maybe used.  But with meticulously careful and expert stitching for which Dr Hamilton is renowned, the scars will hardly visible and will fade with time. The procedure may take up to three hours and is performed under light general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation so recovery is rapid and patients can go home later in the day.

Gynaecomastia – male breast reduction

At Hamilton House Plastic Surgery in Adelaide Dr Richard Hamilton frequently performs male breast reduction to help men who suffer from excess fat and breast tissue in the chest area – a condition is called Gynaecomastia. The male breast reduction operation is literally life changing for young men who suffer from enlargement of the breast glandular tissue or Gynaecomastia. There are a number of different procedures available depending upon the degree of glandular tissue to be removed, whether there is skin excess which must be dealt with and the patient’s age.

The Consultation

Before undergoing plastic surgery, Dr Hamilton will conduct an extensive consultation with you to ensure it is the best option. He will listen carefully to understand your goals and together with you will decide on the best way forward to achieve the results you want.

Pre-op planning and discussion are essential for obtaining a great result suited to your body. Dr Hamilton will thoroughly discuss every aspect of the procedure to ensure you feel confident in achieving the best outcome from your surgery.

Before undergoing breast augmentation surgery, Dr Hamilton will conduct a thorough assessment of your chest frame and breast tissue characteristics, explore implant options, including the use of 3D Vectra imaging to simulate your post operative appearance.

The costs involved with your procedure will be discussed during the initial consultation in a frank and open manner, however keeping in mind that every case is different, so the cost of the procedure will differ for each individual patient.

As with any surgery, there are potential risks and complications. Dr Hamilton will communicate these to you during your consultation with him in great detail but in a way that you can readily understand. All of your questions and concerns will be comprehensively and frankly addressed.

Recovery & Aftercare

At Hamilton House Plastic Surgery, we will ensure you receive comprehensive and professional post operative and post anaesthetic nursing care in Recovery as well as extensive support following your surgery. Dr Hamilton will personally check on you in Recovery, the day after your operation, and very frequently during the next few weeks to check your progress to ensure you are healing well.

Post-operative discomfort can be relieved with our special post-op pain management plan, which includes local anaesthetic placed in the pocket and in the skin just before the operation concludes, oral medication and a nasal spray analgesic for instant pain relief. It is a fact however that when implants are placed in front of the muscle the pain experienced is much less and patients require less analgaesic medication and recover more quickly.

Following breast augmentation, Dr Hamilton will allow you to shower on the second postoperative day, with most patients able to resume normal daily routines within two weeks or less after surgery. The post-op management is sometimes different for silicone gel and saline breast implants, this will be discussed with you during the initial consultation.

Breast surgery recovery can involve some swelling, temporary bruising and some pain, however, these effects diminish quickly as the area heals. Complete recovery generally takes around two weeks, and patients should not engage in strenuous activity, attendance at the gym or heavy lifting for at least several weeks.

During surgery, Dr Hamilton will make the incisions as short as possible and well hidden in the shadow of the breast to minimise the appearance of scars, and most scarring will fade over time.

Patient centered care at Hamilton House Plastic Surgery

Our great team is committed to providing our patients with the best care and our patients have achieved excellent results through treatment at Hamilton House.

At Hamilton House we have recently carried out a major renovation project to upgrade the Operating Theatre and the Sterilisation areas to comply with the latest Australian Infection Control Standards AS 4187 with the approval of the Licensing Department of SA Health. This illustrates our utmost commitment to patient safety.

Dr Richard Hamilton is highly experienced in plastic surgery – he is one of Adelaide’s most experienced and renowned Plastic Surgeons and is extremely well regarded by his peers and by many patients he has treated for more than 2 decades for breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction surgery in Adelaide. He will work closely with you to determine your goals to ensure he can achieve a result you are proud of.

The team at Hamilton House Plastic Surgery will ensure you’re fully informed of what the surgery involves , the potential risks and complications and of course you will receive the best possible care and support from us every step of the way.

Whether you’re considering breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, male breast reduction or other plastic surgery in Adelaide, I recommend that you contact our wonderful team at Hamilton House Plastic Surgery. You will be very well looked after.

Written by:

Dr Richard Hamilton MD, MBBS, FRACS

Plastic Surgeon