Mummy Makeover

 A Mummy Makeover at our Adelaide, South Australia Clinic

Many women experience changes in body shape after giving birth. Some, despite the rigors of caring for a toddler, find that post pregnancy and breast-feeding, their breasts and tummy have lost firmness and tone. A Mummy Makeover is designed to specifically target these areas, with the aim of rejuvenating and returning them to their pre-pregnancy state, or further enhancing them to ensure you look and feel your very best.

The Mummy Makeover – A Tummy Tuck and Breast Rejuvenation

in line with patient safety, Dr. Richard Hamilton offers separate consultations & surgeries for BAM and Abdo in order to achieve optimum results for each surgery, and ensure a smoother and importantly a safer recovery. The Tummy Tuck will result in a flatter, firmer stomach and the elimination of loose, saggy skin. Breast Rejuvenation will depend on your needs; to enhance the appearance and firmness of your bust line, you may benefit from either a Breast Reduction, a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) or a Breast Augmentation (enlargement). As part of his thorough and detailed approach, Dr. Hamilton believes each procedure should be given ample time and attention to ensure the very best and safest results.

To book an appointment with Dr. Richard Hamilton to discuss your personalised Mummy Makeover plan, please contact us today at Hamilton House, Adelaide, South Australia.

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