There are many reasons why you might be thinking about plastic or cosmetic surgery to improve or enhance an aspect of your body, whether it’s weight loss or gain, the ageing process, or just an aspect of your appearance that you’ve never been comfortable with. Dr. Richard Hamilton performs a range of procedures at his Adelaide, South Australia clinic, designed to rejuvenate your look and boost your confidence.

Under Dr. Hamilton’s expert guidance you will receive clear and comprehensive advice, ensuring you’re able to trust in both his skills as surgeon and his compassion as a highly qualified and respected medical practitioner.

Dr. Hamilton will take the time to ensure you’re fully informed and feeling confident about the procedure that’s right for you. If you’re concerned or unhappy with any aspect of your appearance, please feel free to contact our office to arrange a consultation.

Please note that the information about procedures here is given as a general guide, and is not a substitute for an in depth, personal consultation with Dr. Hamilton. As with any surgery there are risks and complications to consider, all of which will be clearly communicated to you during your one on one consultation with Dr. Hamilton.