Rhinoplasty Surgery Adelaide (Nose Surgery)

Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty) procedures offered at our Adelaide, South Australia Clinic

Dr. Hamilton has over 20 years experience in nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) as well as in the treatment of Rhinophyma, usually affecting men and characterised by a fibrous glandular thickening, which creates bulbous nose. Dr. Hamilton has successfully improved the health, happiness and appearance of 100’s of satisfied patients. Patients who require nose reshaping surgery can achieve life-changing results through surgery performed at our Adelaide practice in South Australia. Rhinoplasty can alter the appearance in many positive ways, including:

  • Making the nose smaller or sometimes larger
  • Improving the shape of bridge, tip, or nostrils
  • Making the nose a less dominant feature of your face and improving your profile
  • Correcting nose crookedness and deformity after an injury
  • Correcting breathing abnormalities caused by internal septum deviation

The results of nose reshaping surgery can dramatically increase your self esteem, health and confidence by improving the balance and proportions of your face.

Computer Imaging using the Vectra 3D program

Dr. Richard Hamilton uses careful clinical assessment as well as a technology employed by NASA, the Vectra 3D program to create a highly accurate computerised digital map of your features in order to ascertain the best possible outcomes for your nose surgery. This is used during your initial consultation to show you what possible changes can be achieved, and give you an idea of how you will look by first capturing an image of your own face. With computer imaging Dr. Hamilton can make alterations to your image on screen to illustrate to you the direction the surgery may take. This simulation whilst not exactly replicating your procedure, provides an excellent guide to help you to communicate the changes you desire and for Dr. Hamilton to indicate the changes he thinks are achievable in real life.

The Open Rhinoplasty Procedure

Dr. Richard Hamilton performs rhinoplasty procedures at his Adelaide South Australia practice under either intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia. Rhinoplasty involves altering the shape of the nose cartilages at the tip and sides, the nasal bones, the bridge or bump and finally the cartilage of the septum, especially if the nose is crooked or if there is a breathing problem. Dr. Hamilton uses his Open Rhinoplasty method, where incisions are made internally along the nostril rim and a tiny incision externally across the column of the nose. The Open Rhinoplasty technique allows unparalleled visibility to the structures inside the nose, which need reshaping. By placing the incisions mainly internally there is virtually no visible scarring. The bump on the bridge of the nose is reduced by rasping the bone with very fine instruments, and the nose is narrowed by carefully reducing the bone using fine chisels. The cartilage component of the bump is carefully shaved down to create a new profile. The nose tip cartilages are reshaped and refined by permanent internal sutures.

The modern Rhinoplasty procedure is a great improvement on older techniques, with an emphasis on conserving tissue to achieving a shape with good aesthetic structure and definition, rather than the old fashioned procedure of removing valuable and irreplaceable tissues. Nevertheless, despite the recent advances Rhinoplasty remains the most difficult and challenging plastic surgery procedure.

Depending on the individual, the procedure takes 2 to 3 hours to complete.

Recovery after Rhinoplasty

Complete recovery from nose reshaping can take up to 2 weeks. There is very little pain associated with the procedure, and our rhinoplasty patients generally require only mild analgesics to alleviate discomfort. Some stuffiness, swelling and bruising will be present for several days, and most nose reshaping patients are back to their normal routines after a few days. Nose reshaping Rhinoplasty performed by our cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Hamilton can provide significant results that improve the shape, size and contours of the nose, and dramatically boost your self confidence. If you’re interested in discussing how nose reshaping can help improve your health and happiness, please contact Dr. Hamilton today at our Adelaide, South Australia Clinic today.