COVID-19 Tele Health Consultations for Cosmetic Patients

COVID-19 Tele Health Consultations for Cosmetic Patients

With the Australian COVID-19 crisis has most of us are unclear about the options of professional interaction with Specialist Plastic Surgeons.

At Hamilton House Plastic Surgery we abide by the SA Health recommendations especially with regard to cosmetic surgery and associated consultations. For the time being we are not allowed to have consultations face to face and no elective (cosmetic) surgery is allowed.

Because eventually this pandemic will blow over, now is the time to consider a Tele Health consultation with Dr Richard Hamilton to explore your options.

For Telehealth consultations you may stay in the comfort of your own home and use your phone, your iPhone, your iPad or your laptop – these are devices you will use more and more of in the coming weeks and months.

Tele Health consultations have been around for some years for rural and remote patients and now with more modern technology, it is being utilised more and more by many patients interested in cosmetic surgery so they can obtain advice and prepare for action when the bans are lifted.

Dr Richard Hamilton and Hamilton House Plastic Surgery will be providing video consultations for cosmetic surgery. Whilst a Tele Health consultation by no means takes the place of a face to face consultation, it is still however extraordinarily valuable. A lot of information can be transferred from doctor to patients and from patients to doctor, such that a surgeon with the extensive and in depth  experience of Dr Richard Hamilton, one of Adelaide’s most experienced and trusted surgeons, remarkable progress can be made so that the follow up face to face preop consultation is considerably simpler.

If you would like your initial consultation via Tele Health (you need an iPhone for FaceTime or Skype on an android with either 4G or good Wi Fi speeds), or a laptop or iPad for Skype & Zoom, then please ring my friendly staff at Hamilton House on 08 8272 6666 for further information re a booking.